4 Simple Steps on How to Take the Best Pictures of your Furball

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“I don’t like to wear fur but I love to snuggle with my fur ball.” This is my personal thought and I know it is the thought of every person who owns a fur baby. A fur baby in my case is a cat. Dogs and cats are the cutest animals on the earth and I can say these words out loud, always. Well, if you are a pet owner too, you will agree with me. Also, there will be no pet owner whose Instagram feed would never be hijacked by their pets. So, if you also drool over the amazing pictures of the pets and would love to click your fur ball in exceptional poses then do miss out this space where we are talking about some simple steps for capturing the best pictures of your dog.


Saying ‘cheese’ would not help in case of dogs, unlike a human. Well, dogs are way better than humans and hence they do not need these ‘cheesy’ footage all the time. Since you spent the most time with your dog, you know how to make him smile. Hence, you can try to make him smile in the cutest way that would help you in getting the best pictures of your dog. Show them a toy or maybe their favourite food and just make them smile, wide.


Do you stick to one angle of selfies all the time? I guess No. We do so much to get that one perfect selfie. And the beauty of every selfie lies in the different perspectives and the different angles. So, while clicking the dog pictures, we advise you to change the perspectives of your camera too. Do not stick to one patent style but keep on changing the angles. You will get to know while clicking that there are so many ways to click the best pictures of you fur ball.



One of the best ways to click the dog pictures is to capture them candidly. Just don’t wait for them to pose but try to capture every kind of emotion and gesture that they are showing. Trust me, these fur babies look the cutest when they are annoyed or hungry. Do not miss their cute faces and just click them. Also, you would not like to miss the moment when they are cuddling and snuggling with you.

P.S – The best part about the animals is that they DO NOT pose for the candid pictures like humans.

Truly said, animals are way better and loyal than humans. I agree, guys, do you?


Backdrops really do matter when you are taking the dog pictures. Not only for the animals, backdrops are an important thing for everyone’s photography. You can try various backdrops to get the best pictures of your dog. You can use a faux fur blanket to camouflage the dogs, you can use a colourful bed sheet, a painted or a dissected wall and anything which goes well with your dog pictures.

Do not take these fur babies so lightly guys, they are never in a mood to compromise with the backgrounds and frames, ever.


These were some of the simple ways to get the best pictures of your dog. These steps are really simple and you do not have to pay much stress after reading this blog to click the perfect dog pictures. So go on and shoot your fur babies and get their best pictures.


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