5 Cute Little Things Fur Balls do & the Reasons Behind it

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There is a major difference in a person’s life who owns a dog and who doesn’t own a dog. And that difference is, whenever you return back after a hard day’s work they come to welcome you and pamper you by falling on your feet and hugging you in all possible ways. Who doesn’t like to get home when someone welcomes you in this way? You would have regularly come across some of the cutest things which your dogs do and you cannot get over it all. If I ask you that what is the cutest things fur balls do for you then probably you would not be able to give a specific answer because there are so many things they do to make you happy. So, here we are just listing few things fur balls do with us and which are damn cute.

Let us know which one is your favourite amongst these.


Every dog’s favourite thing is to snuggle. They love snuggling with the person they are attached to and love the most. They are the most comfortable thing on the planet and I have realized that when these fur babies snuggle and cross my arms and legs and everywhere. This kind of dog behaviour is so cute and they do this to feel loved and cozy under the company of their human.



Trust me guys, this is literally the ROTFL moment for me every time I see a dog dragging its butt on the ground. I mean I really can’t understand what kind of dog behaviour is this but this is really funny and cute. I have heard that sometimes it may be a sign of irritation but when everything is well, they are not irritated but just trying to be cute.

Do need to try to look cute? They are cute AF always.

Dog's butt


This is probably one of the most common things fur balls do and you all have must witness this when you are in a company of your dog. According to dog research or something scientific, this kind of dog behaviour is because of their thinking capability. They mostly tilt their heads on one side to think precisely. But they look, oh so cute and I really cannot resist this dog behaviour.



I think the dogs hate shoes because the shoes of capable of giving the shoe bites which dogs obviously do not like and they bite these shoes so that their masters are not harmed. Okay, thanks for bearing my lame sense of humour, but have you guys not seen your fur balls doing this? They mostly tend to bite the shoes and they do not harm them so much but still, you must take care of this, your shoes and your dog, both. Also, try not to keep your dogs on a diet because this may also be the reason for such kinds of dog behaviour.


Have you slept all alone at the night and do you wake up with your fur baby besides you? I thought cats were so lovey-dovey and bossy but not had thought this about the dogs. But they do this. And waking up in the morning with these babies beside is so cute and warming. They make me feel I need to sleep more and more. These things fur balls do make us happy in all ways and also pamper us day and night. They sneak in inside the blanket to feel warm, secure and loved.

escape into the blanket

So, which one of the above-mentioned dog behaviour is your favourite? Also, let us know what exceptional things your fur babies do that are cute and tough to resist.


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