Acana Dog Food Reviews, Recalls and Coupons 2018

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 Because our dogs are members of our family, we want to feed them the best food we can afford. Acana dog food is made by the Champion Petfoods company in Alberta, Canada, and uses only fresh ingredients, never frozen, and contains no preservatives or extra water added.  As you can imagine, quality like this is not cheap; Acana dog food coupons can help you to give your dog the best nutrition possible.

Acana coupons for Acana classics, Acana Regionals, and Acana Singles are highly sought after, because no other company offers Biologically Appropriate nutrition for your canine friend.  The dog food is made from natural ingredients, and never outsourced, so you can be assured that your dog is receiving high quality, fresh, regional ingredients, steamed in their own juices in the Acana kitchens. With 25 years under its belt, you can rest assured that Acana is a brand that your dog will love, and it will leave them full and healthy.

Acana is the sister brand to Orijen, which is one of the healthiest, but also one of the most expensive dog foods on the market. Acana, which is less expensive, is more ideal for many pet owners. Plus, with a coupon, how can you beat it?

Acana Dog Food Coupons 2016

If you are looking for a great way to save big on your next bag of Acana Dog Food, be sure to use this 20 percent off coupon. Not only can you save 20 percent, but, if you spend more than $49, you can also get your dog food shipped directly to your door for no extra cost.

Coupon Details

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Acana Dog Food has never had any incidents with food safety, so there has never been a recall on this prestigious pet food brand. The quality of the dog food is top notch, so you won’t need to worry about feeding your pet Acana dog food.

While there have been no reported incidents to date, be sure to check on recalls frequently to keep your dog healthy and safe.

Acana Dog Food Reviews

Acana Regions Meadowland Dog Food

Acana Regions Meadowland Dog Food pays tribute to Kentucky’s fertile lands. This dog food formula is 70 percent animal products, which comes from Cobb chicken, Tom turkey, Blue catfish, eggs and Rainbow trout. Each 25 pound bag of Acana Regions Meadowland Dog Food contains 17.5 pounds of premium animal products. Half of all the animal ingredients in this formula are fresh or raw. Plus, more than 3 pounds of chicken and turkey are in each 25 pound bag, so you can be sure that your dog is getting great protein from fresh poultry sources.


The remaining 30 percent of ingredients in this dog food formula comes from fruits, vegetables and botanicals. These ingredients include juniper berries, rose hips, carrots, spinach, kale and butternut squash. The only supplement included in this dog food is zinc, which helps keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. Other vitamins your dog will get from this dog food include Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Folic Acid.

Acana Regions Wild Atlantic Dog Food

Acana believes that your pet should be fed high quality food that is suitable for humans. The Acana Regions Wild Atlantic Dog Food is full of high quality ingredients that honor the Atlantic maritime lifestyle. The main ingredients in this dog food all come from the Atlantic region, such as Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Herring, Arcadian Redfish, Silver Hake and Flounder.



The dog food is 70 percent red meat and fish ingredients, which means it is packed full of the protein your dog not only wants, but also needs. There is 17.5 pounds of animal ingredients in each 25 pound bag of this food formula, with half of those being raw or fresh. The other 30 percent of the ingredients in Acana Regions Wild Atlantic Dog Food is vegetables, fruits or botanicals. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, turnip greens, Red Delicious apples, spinach, kale and pumpkin also add nutritional benefits in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Acana Singles Duck and Pear Dog Food

Acana Singles Duck and Pear Dog Food contains only one animal protein, which is easily digested by your dog. Muscovy duck makes up 50 percent of this dog food, so you know that your dog is receiving enough protein to stay healthy and energized. In each 25 pound bag of this dog food, there is 12.5 pounds of duck ingredients, including liver and cartilage. Half of these ingredients are fresh or raw, while the other half is dried or in oil form.


The other 50 percent of the dog food comes from vegetables, fruits and botanicals, a good part of which is Bartlett pears. One unique ingredient found is this dog food is sarsaparilla. Sarsaparilla is an herb that can help treat itchy, scaly skin. It is also known to be an anti-inflammatory. Other botanical products in this food include rosehips and juniper berries. The plant based products in this food provide important vitamins and minerals for your dog.

Acana Puppy Food Reviews

All of Acana’s dog food products are also safe to feed to puppies, but they do make a few formulas especially for your puppy. Here are a few of the best products Acana offers for puppies.

Acana Heritage Puppy Small Breed Dog Food

Acana Heritage Puppy Small Breed Dog Food is the perfect meal for your puppy. Keep in mind that this formula is ideal for puppies that will be no larger than about 20 pounds once they reach adulthood. There are better formulas for puppies that will be larger dogs.


This puppy food is 70 percent meat and animal products and 30 percent vegetables, fruits and botanicals. Like other Acana foods, it contains no grain, potato or tapioca. There are also no GMOs in this food formula. The protein sources in the Acana Heritage Puppy Small Breed formula are free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder and eggs.

Acana Heritage Puppy and Junior Dog Food

While the Acana Heritage Puppy Small Breed formula is ideal for puppies who will be less than 20 pounds at adulthood, Acana Heritage Puppy and Junior formula is made for puppies that will grow to be between 20 and 55 pounds as adults.


This dog food formula is made with the same ingredients as the Puppy Small Breed formula, but it has a larger scale of ingredients. Instead of 4 kilograms of chicken, fish and eggs, it contains 8 kilograms of the same ingredients. The proportions, however, are only approximately the same. The Puppy and Junior formula contains more egg and fish protein than the Puppy Small Breed formula.

Acana Heritage Puppy Large Breed Dog Food

The Acana Heritage Puppy Large Breed Formula is made for puppies that will be more than 55 pounds as adults.


Again, the ingredients are the same, but proportions are a bit different from the Puppy Small Breed formula. This food is more similar to the Puppy and Junior Formula, but with a bit more egg included.

Acana Senior Dog Food Reviews

Acana has only one formula specially made for senior dogs. Senior aged dogs need a diet rich in meat proteins and limited in carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Acana Heritage Senior Dog Food

Acana Heritage Senior Dog Food has the ideal protein ratio for dogs over seven years old. With 65 percent of the food made up of animal proteins from chicken, flounder and eggs, you can feel good about feeding this food to your aging dog.


Of all the meat in this dog food formula, one third of it will be raw, which is where the flavor comes from. The other two thirds will be dried or in the form of oil, which will give your dog a good source of both protein and fat. What’s the best part? All of the protein is from poultry, fish and eggs that are fit for human consumption.


The other 35 percent of this dog food is fruits, vegetables and botanicals, including green peas, pumpkin, butternut squash, kale, spinach, carrots and blueberries. This formula is also nutrient-rich. It contains key vitamins, such as Vitamins A, E, B12 and Choline. There are also a few great minerals included, as well. Minerals like Iron, Zinc, Potassium and Magnesium are important to your dog’s health. Chicory root, juniper berries and sweet fennel are other ingredients in Acana Heritage Senior Dog Food. With all these great ingredients, your dog won’t only enjoy its food, but it will also benefit from them.


Acana dog foods may be pricy, but there is a reason that these dog food formulas are rated some of the healthiest around. Made with quality ingredients that are handled with care, you can be sure that your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay happy and healthy. Be sure to take advantage of any available discounts by using the coupons on this page, so you get the best price on this top of the line dog food brand.


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