The Best Food For American Staffordshire Terriers

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American Staffordshire Terriers , Amstaff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffords, Staffies. A handful of names for one beautiful breed of dog. These dogs belong to a group that is sometimes maligned, but supporters of the breed can’t say enough about what wonderful loyal family companions Staffies can be. Originally bred to be small and quick, today’s American Staffordshire Terriers are heavier muscled, and larger- bodied than their ancestors were. The American Staffordshire Terrier is recognized as a separate breed from their British counterparts.

American Staffordshire Terrier Eating Habits

While medium to large-sized, the Staffordshire can weigh up to 90 pounds (average dog is about 70 pounds)  which poses a dilemma for owners of the breed: How to properly feed the dog. There are several factors in addition to size that should determine your choice of feed. What is the energy level and metabolism of your dog?

The amount of exercise he gets and his tendency to gain weight are also considerations. We’re going to look at some of the best foods to feed your Staffordshire. 

Best American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Food

American Staffordshire Terriers do well with moderate exercise to maintain a healthy muscular physique. They can become overweight with idleness and so you definitely take that into account when choosing your food. You want lots of lean protein without by-products and fillers. For this reason you’ll want to feed a premium dog food such as these we’re reviewing below. The price for these dog foods is generally higher than the average brands, up to about $2 per pound, but keep in mind that these are wholesome, natural ingredients, which cost more to manufacture, AND the fact that you will feed less quantity per feeding than the cheaper brands.


Solid Gold Holistic Dry Dog Food Bison Flavor

With 26% crude protein and a host of other natural healthy ingredients, Solid Gold Bison for medium and large adult dogs makes a good impression with ingredients to satisfy you and taste to satisfy your Staffordshire. The size of the kibble is fine for a medium-sized dog and all the good veggies and fish oils make for an appealing taste and a healthful premium dog food.

The high crude fat percentage has the additional benefit of keeping your Staffie’s short coat sleek and glossy. Lean protein makes lean muscle and helps your Staffordshire to maintain a healthy weight and growth pattern. Fed correctly, your Staffordshire should stay fit and athletic with moderate daily exercise.

Be sure that you follow the instructions on the bag. You’ll also want to feed your dog on a fairly regular feeding schedule for best results to monitor his growth and any changes to his weight.

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Taste of the Wild High Prairie Bison and Venison Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is made with real roasted meats. The formula is high in protein which your American Staffordshire Terrier needs to maintain his muscular good looks. His body is meant to be an athletic machine. You want to be sure you feed him for this purpose.

The high protein and natural ingredients in the Taste of the Wild High Prairie are supposed to mimic the diet of his wild and wolfy ancestors of old. This formula contains natural antioxidants to clean and purify the blood of toxins, which guards against disease and ill health.

Some owners report that their dog was healed of skin allergies after switching to this formula. This premium dog food also contains all the vitamins and minerals your active dog requires.

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AvoDerm Natural Triple Protein Meal Formula Dog Food -Chicken Lamb and Turkey

This premium dog food is great for American Staffordshire Terriers. The protein percentage is good and the food is made from high quality ingredients. The fat in the avocado is the right kind of fatty acids that your Staffordshire needs for his skin and coat. Some owners report that skin allergies cleared up after switching to this brand.

The taste is appealing and the natural premium ingredients don’t upset your dog’s stomach. This is one of the higher end brands, but your American Staffordshire Terrier is absolutely worth every penny it costs to be healthy and happy. Be sure to monitor your dog’s food intake and watch his weight.

Less active Staffordshires can gain weight on this food if you’re not paying attention. With regular daily activity, your American Staffordshire Terrier dog should do very well on AvoDerm Triple Protein Meal Formula.

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Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Salmon Grain Free Adult Dog Food

This is a great high protein food for your American Staffordshire Terrier. Blue Buffalo emulates the wolf’s omnivorous diet by creating this dry dog food that is high in meat content, but grain free. Any dog who would turn up his nose at this salmon formula is not a Staffordshire.

If you’ve ever had a picky dog, or one with inconsistent stool or stomach issues, give this food a try. One of the best ways to regulate an unpredictable tummy is to eliminate fillers and especially grains from your dog’s diet.This food produces very little stool in most dogs and owners swear by it for all stages of your adult Staffordshire’s life.

Active dogs need high protein and fat content,so you may want to consider Wilderness Blue Buffalo when choosing a premium quality dog food for your active and athletic American Staffordshire Terrier.

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SportDog Food Elite Grain Free Dog Food Special Blend Venison Formula

This is a high quality premium dog food, made in the USA, with locally sourced ingredients. This brand prices out towards the top end of the cost per pound list. The reason is that it’s manufactured in small batches for impeccable quality and contains only premium ingredients. No grains, soy, peas, lentils or white potatoes are in this special blend formula.

If your American Staffordshire Terrier suffers from any skin problems or itching, this may be your answer. It’s very high in protein for your active Staffordshire, and contains vegetables that are also very high in nutrient value. Make sure to monitor your dog’s activity level and weight, as owners report that their dogs can gain weight very easily on this special blend formula.

Dogs don’t need high carbohydrate fillers, which are happily absent from the Sportdog Formula. This means you feel less, get less stool from your dog, and you get more bang for your buck! It’s a win-win for you and your Staffordshire.

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Best Puppy Food for American Staffordshire Terriers

Your growing American Staffordshire Terrier needs the right combination of balanced nutrition to grow into a healthy adult dog. Start early with feeding premium dog food frequently up to about 6-9 months of age. Gradually decrease the amount of food and switch to an adult formula from 9 months on. Your Staffordshire dog will get all the lean protein and good fats he needs to develop into a healthy adult.


Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Bison and Venison

Your puppy will get off to a great start with the Taste of the Wild High Prairie puppy formula. Plenty of lean protein, vitamins and minerals to help develop strong bones and muscles. Your active puppy will like the roasted meat and natural ingredients in the Taste of the Wild puppy formula.

Be sure to follow label directions regarding frequency and quantity of the dry food. Monitor your puppy’s growth and development with regular visits to your veterinarian. Don’t settle for low quality food.

Start your Staffordshire puppy off right with a premium quality dog food from the start and you’ll have the pleasure of watching grow and develop into a muscular, athletic dog that’s an irreplaceable member of your family. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy is a great first choice for your Staffordshire.

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Simply Nourish Source Puppy Food, Grain Free Duck and Chicken

You’ll be happy reading the ingredients list for this grain free product. Simply Nourish will give your American Staffordshire Terrier puppy a great start in life with a formula that emphasises meat and more meat. Lean protein to grow strong and muscular.

Full of vitamins and minerals for growth and development and veggies for nutrients and taste, Simply Nourish will give your puppy everything it needs for proper nutrition to grow up happy and healthy. Isn’t that what we all want for our Staffordshires? Of course it is.

Simply Nourish comes in small packages, and can be a little pricey , but let’s face it - When it comes to providing your Staffordshire pup the building blocks for healthy growth, you don’t want to skimp. Puppies love the taste of the grain free duck and chicken formula and we’re not getting reports of any upset stomachs or allergic reactions to this food.

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Nutro Ultra Dry Puppy Food - Chicken,Lamb and Salmon

Nutro Ultra puppy food is not only sourced with three kinds of protein to help your Staffordshire puppy grow lean and healthy, it’s chock full of fatty acids from flax, sunflower, oats and whole brown rice. Note that this is not a grain-free formula, but owners report healthy skin and coats, and low incidents of tummy upset or skin issues.

Remember to monitor your Staffordshire’s growth and weight as he ages, so you can decrease the frequency and adjust the quantity you’re feeding as he grows. Active puppies do well on high protein formulas like Nutro Ultra. As long as he’s getting the right amount of exercise daily, your American Staffordshire Terrier should thrive and grow very well on the Nutro Ultra formula.

Owners claim that the puppies definitely prefer the taste over other foods they’ve tried and the kibble is just the right size for small puppy jaws to handle.

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Ingredients to Know

We’ve mentioned protein in these reviews. American Staffordshire Terriers require a higher protein level than other, more subdued, sedate- tempered dogs. Staffordshires are athletic and muscular and in order to maintain that level of fitness, you need to feed lean protein. Avoid fillers and byproducts, but “meals” are alright if they are animal protein, or organic, naturally occurring ingredients. If you’re intent on feeding grain free products for health or to combat allergies, consider also buying foods that are free of potatoes and legumes like peas and soy.

Common Health Problems

American Staffordshire Terriers are a hearty and healthy breed for the most part. They can suffer from joint issues due to their compact size and hefty weight, so look for hip and elbow dysplasia.

If your Staffordshire dog has a weight issue even after you’ve corrected their food and feeding, he might be suffering with a thyroid disorder. Have your vet diagnose with a blood test. There is medication available to regulate the thyroid hormone, same as there is to treat the condition in humans.


Feed your American Staffordshire Terrier well. Train him for basic obedience, exercise him and make him a part of your family and you will have a devoted, loyal and happy canine companion for life.


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