What’s the Best Type of Dog Food? 12 Dog Owners Share their Opinion

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The type of food you feed your dog can play an important role in the health of your dog. With that being said, there are many options to choose from as a dog owner and it can be hard to know which is the best option for you and your pup.

To shed some light on this topic I asked 12 dog owners this question:

“What type of food do you feed your dog and why?”

You can view the answers to this question below.

Kimberly Gauthier – Keep the Tail WaggingpnsWg6K4

I feed my dogs a raw food diet, which includes raw muscle meat, organ meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, and supplements. I chose to transition to raw to address one of my dog’s allergies and digestive issues. Within 2 weeks of switching, most of his health issues vanished and I’ve been a raw food devotee ever since.

I believe that raw is species appropriate, meaning that it’s what our dogs are meant to eat. Raw boosts their immune system, digestive health, addresses allergies, and helps them lead a longer, healthier life.

Kimberly is a Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging

Lulu and Bogart – To Aire is Divine2269d554a6da168d03f656b2e09fdd49

Bogart has always eaten homemade chow.  Partially because we couldn’t find a single brand of commercially-made dog food that he liked as a young pup, partially because we care deeply about his getting nothing less than we would eat ourselves, and partially because it works out to be less expensive to bust out the crockpot and make him his daily dinner that way.

Mostly chicken, occasionally salmon, mixed with an assortment of veggies (Frozen!  We’re lazy!), and a little bit of basmati rice, thrown into his own crockpot once every few days and then frozen into individual portions for daily heating.  Easy even for someone who can’t cook, like me.  Visiting humans always remark that they’d “like a bowl of that”, the difference being that there are no spices or salt in Bogart’s, we’d add a little if a human were to have some.

You can read more about Bogart at his blog here – http://www.toaireisdivine.com/blog/

B.L. Ochman and Benny – PawFun

Here’s what I feed Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle:

  • Acana Lamb & Apple Dry Food
  • Wellness 95% Salmon and 95% Lamb canned food
  • Apples, blueberries, pears, carrots, string beans, peppers, endive

Benny is allergic to beef and chicken and over time I’ve found that Lamb is the best protein for him. Acana has limited ingredients and high ratings from Whole Dog Journal and Dog Food Advisor.

B.L. operates PawFun, which allows you to free ecards featuring photos of your dog, cat, horse, gerbil or goldfish!

Sadie – Her and Her Dogscropped-logo

We’ve been feeding pre-made and frozen (portions of) patties to Henry and Reese for just over a year now.  We find the results of feeding raw, without the extras makes a huge difference to Henry’s allergies.

Sadie and Co. run an awesome blog called Her and Her Dogs which is about everything animal-related including stories, tips, tricks and welfare issues.

Tiffany Hughes – Tiffany’s Diamond DogsZFUcZgqx

The majority of my dog’s diet is dry kibble. I like to add in dehydrated and wet food occasionally. The main reason I use the dry food is it is easiest to use for training tricks, putting in puzzle toys, and putting in a treat pouch. The dry food is also the most convenient, mess-free, and simplest to travel with.

Tiffany blogs over at Tiffany’a Diamond Dogs where she aims to inspire others to be more active with their dogs-whether that’s going for more walks, trying some trick training, using puzzle toys, or just taking your dog along with you around town

Dawn Ross – American Dog Blog22e7df46dec0f4cec83ec32797719fc2

I currently get them dry dog food, though I don’t recall which brand. It is a high-end brand at Petsmart with either chicken or lamb meal listed as the first ingredient and with limited amounts of grain and ingredients that I don’t recognize. I switched from the Ol’ Roy brand about 5 years ago after my Chow-mix, Sephi (short for Persephone), died at what I felt was a young age of 10.

I had fed my dogs Ol’ Roy for years because I did not have the income to buy more expensive brands and because I had grown up always using cheap dog food brands. I don’t think those cheaper brands were all that bad when I was younger. I think these companies have only increasingly been taking shortcuts these past couple decades along with the rise of factory farms. So what was once not so bad for my dogs twenty years ago has turned into something awful today.

Dawn runs her own blog over at American Dog Blog where she shares valuable information and useful tips for dog owners.

Suzanne Jalot – Dog Living Magazine

I feed my dogs a mix of high-quality dry kibble commercial dog food and home-cooked food. At the beginning of each week, I bake plain chicken, a pot of rice, and green beans and mix it all together. I serve a little scoop of the dry food topped with the homemade mixture and the dogs love it. I’ll mix it up using different dog-friendly ingredients from week to week, but generally stick with that formula.

I don’t believe dogs were meant to eat only dry kibble their entire lives. How boring and sad is that? I believe the concept of people” food is a myth. Food is food. As long as the ingredients aren’t poisonous, my dogs will eat whatever they want!

Suzanne is the editor over at Dog Living Magazine where she writes about everything you could ever want to know about dogs

Abhishek Joshi – Dog with BlogQimYLVc1

I trust Homemade food for my dogs as I can be certain of the quality as well as can keep the artificial ingredients into check.

Check out Abhishek’s blog and “discover the dog; his musings and wanderings. Adoption updates, anecdotes and rants – The world, as seen through the words of a dog. The literate canine with a grammar handicap”

Cathy Bennett – Groovy Golden DoodleshSYmUy-u

I have two Goldendoodles who have been eating The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Human Grade Dog Food for years. I started feeding them a high grade kibble when they were puppies. Over time I began to question what was packed into these little pellets and exactly how did they get that shape!

After much research and discussion with their vet about alternatives, I opted to go with dehydrated dog food and I’ve never been happier. Their stool has always – and I mean always been perfect! No diarrhea, they love the various protein varieties, and I enhance each meal with fresh veggies and fruits.

If you want to learn more about golden doodles then Cathy’s blog is the go-to resource!

Jana Rade – Dawg Business10906426_10204520252980109_10939228920253250_n

I have two dogs and actually each gets different food. Cookie gets raw, mostly frozen, some fresh. Mostly commercial, some home prepared. The reason for that being is nutrition. Whole foods with the least loss of nutritional (and non-nutritional) value.

JD gets high quality dry. The reason for that is quite simple, he doesn’t like raw and it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for him. Both get home-made treats; mostly cooked meats and organ meats, some veggies.

Jana runs and operates an awesome dog blog over at Dawg Business

Susan Nation – Talent Hounds8m4m49AP

I have 4-year-old rescue Kilo the Pug. I do my best to keep him happy and healthy. Kilo is extremely food motivated (greedy) and needs a lot of training. He does not appear to have allergies and loves most things.

I currently feed him 2 small meals a day – handfuls of north American high-quality grain-free kibble with raw boosts mixed with a little water and maybe a teaspoon of low fat plain Greek Yoghurt and banana in the morning and water plus a teaspoon of whatever I have available for dinner (eg wet food, or grilled fat free chicken breast or sweet potato). I rotate between 3 brands that I have reviewed and one other I tried.

Then he works for more kibble throughout the day doing training, tricks, puzzles and playing games. Plus we both enjoy snacking on raw carrots, green beans, fruit and cauliflower. He sometimes gets Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks to chew as chewing really relaxes him and they are high protein, nothing added, made in Canada and help teeth as well.

Occasionally he gets special high-value treats if out (as very stressful for him) or training. He loves hot dogs, cookies, cake, chicken and liver treats but gets very little to keep him a safe weight.

Talent Hounds is a community for dog lovers that bring out the best in dogs.

Carol Bryant – Fidose of RealityMVCaiwen

We feed a combo of homemade and dehydrated. The reason for this is because it’s their preference and it prevents any gastric issues.

Carol runs a health and wellness resource for today’s modern pet parent at Fidose of Reality. You can find information about everything health related over at her website.

As you can see, there is a ton of different options to choose from and there is no right answer. It all comes down to your dog their needs. Hopefully, this article was able to shed some light on the benefits of the various types of dog food. I want to give a huge shoutout to all of the awesome dog owners who were willing to share their thoughts on this question.

What type of dog food do you feed your dog? Let me know in the comments below!


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