Why Your Dog Should Sleep in Your Bed

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Dogs are our favorite companions and the truth is, our pets, especially our dogs, are precious members of the family and this is why it is important they are included in all or our family rituals.

When we have parties, we include the dog. When we go on outings we try to find things that are dog friendly. When we sleep at night, we let our best friend jump under the covers with us.

Is this good for us? Is it good for our canine friends? Previous research suggested that letting your dog sleep with you would disrupt your sleep, but more recently, a study by the Mayo Clinic has shown that having your dog in bed with you could be extremely comforting.

As you read this article, you will find that sleeping with your dog is not only beneficial for them but for you as well. You may even decide to replace that aging lumpy mattress to get a nicer and comfortable one that’d fit you, your sleeping partner and your dog nicely. Lucky for you there are these Cyber Monday mattress deals you can check out

But, before you head out to shop, let’s look at all the amazing benefits of sleeping with your dog.

They Keep You Warm

Dogs bodies are typically 3-6 degrees higher than that of a human. So, when you are trying to get warm on a cold winter night, you dog can serve as your sweet little heating blanket with a heartbeat.

Sometimes, our dogs lie behind our legs. Sometimes, they like to snuggle up right next to us and sometimes, they just like to rest their head on our feet. No matter where they lay with us, a dog will help keep you warm through the cold nights.

They Help You Sleep Better

For obvious reasons, if you suffer from allergies, the above statement wouldn’t be true. But, a lot of people claim to feel mentally healthier for having their dogs sleep with them. When our dogs share our bed, they help us feel calm and also give us a feeling of assurance.

They Help with Depression

If you suffer from depression, then sleeping with your dog can be extremely helpful. Especially if you live alone. When our dogs sleep with us we feel less alone and their unconditional love radiates through their warmth. People with depression, at times, feel like the whole world is against them.

Our dogs are always on our sides, sometimes lying at our feet just waiting for the chance to spend time with us. It is very difficult to feel unloved when your dog is around.

They Help Us Feel Safe

Dogs are not only our best friends, they can be our fiercest protectors. They can sense disturbances in the home and can hear things we cannot. Canine companions can also turn into quite a scary sight when someone they love is being threatened.

When we are sleeping is when we are the most exposed to danger. We don’t know what’s going on and we could be unaware of someone breaking into our house. When we have our dog in our bed, we feel less vulnerable.

They Help Relieve Stress

Dogs have a great way of calming folks down. Services dogs are given to people in need for this exact reason. When our dogs sleep with us, we sleep easier because we feel less vulnerable and they keep us warm and comforted. All of these benefits lead us to one place, relaxation.

It is very difficult to feel stressed around your dog because, at times, it seems that their whole purpose in life is to love you and your family. In return we love them back with all our hearts.

They Feel Like Part of The Family

When we allow our dogs to share our bed with us, we give them a sense of comfort as well. Dogs are pack animals and need to feel a part of the group, which is hard to do when they are left to sleep on the floor alone.

Dogs that sleep in the bed, snuggled up with their humans, they feel like they belong.

They Feel Happy

Dogs are arguably the most lovable creatures in the world. There are plenty of people I know who would prefer to spend their time with a dog than another human being. Many dog people would rather hang with the dog at a party.

They feel this way because dogs live for our affection. So much that they can even grow jealous. Their lives are directed by our will. We take them out when we can and, when we leave them alone, they just sit around and wait for us to come back and love them. Our dogs live are so dependent on us that they want to be with us all the time. At times it seems their happiness depends on it.


The phrase, “dog is man’s best friend” is ancient and slightly incorrect. Dogs are everyone’s best friend, if they are allowed to fill that role. Do yourself and your best friend a favor and let them sleep with you. It’ll be great for you both.


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