Dr. Tim’s Dog Food Coupons 2018

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Dr. Tim’s dog food coupons make saving on dog food simple.  No one wants to be bothered jumping through hoops to save money, and printable online Dr. Tim’s coupons ensure that the only one jumping through hoops is your dog (if he wants to!).

The family-owned Dr. Tim’s company was founded by Dr.  Tim Hunt, a veterinarian and musher.  His goal was to come up with a dog food formula that promoted stamina, endurance and performance for his own Alaskan Huskies.  The Dr. Tim’s company was born in his garage, and has now moved to a facility in Lisbon, Ohio.

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    Deals on Dr. Tim’s Dog Food:

      Dr. Tim is quoted saying that his food is not based on commodity pricing, but rather on what benefits the dog.  With this philosophy, Dr. Tim’s dog food is expensive compared to some other brands.  It’s smart to use Dr. Tim’s coupons to offset the cost while giving your dog a food that will give him energy and endurance.


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