Merrick Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2018

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Merrick’s slogan is “worthy of a fork”.  Merrick foods are made with the highest quality ingredients and even include glucosamine and chondroitin, supplements touted by many experts to be good for bones and joints.  Merrick dog food coupons can help you bring this nutritious food to your dog for less.

The Merrick company prides itself on making dog food that sounds delicious to humans and tastes delicious to pets.  They started in 1988 with a simple, corkscrew shaped dog treat, and have now expanded to include several different types of wet food as well as dry food.  Thankfully, Merrick coupons make it easier on your finances to give your dog the best.

With recipes like “Grammy’s Pot Pie”, “Cowboy Cookout”, and “Smothered Comfort”, you can’t help but want to give them to your pet to try.  Thankfully, online and printable dog food coupons are a fantastic way to make that easy for you.

Merrick Dog Food Recalls

While the company strives to provide safe food and treats for your pet, Merrick has had a few recalls. Merrick hasn’t had any recalls within the last couple of years, but there are a few notable incidents that you should be aware of.

In August of 2012, the company recalled their All-Natural Beef Chew treats due to a possible Salmonella contamination. A year earlier, the company recalled their Doggie Wishbone treats for the same reason. In January of 2011, Merrick had issues with their Junior Texas Taffy dog treats, and they pulled them off the shelves. Again, this was due to a possible Salmonella contamination. A year prior to that incident, the company recalled its Beef Filet Squares due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination.

Merrick Dog Food Reviews

Merrick’s Grain Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food

Merrick’s Grain Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food is one of the company’s most popular dog food brands. This dog food formula is full of quality protein and healthy fats. Texas Beef is the first ingredient in this dog food, and real meat ingredients comprise 70 percent of this dog food. The high amount of protein leads to lean, healthy muscle tissue in your dog.


The remaining 30 percent of the ingredients are fresh produce products, like sweet potatoes and blueberries. This formula contains no grains. The first five ingredients in this dog food are deboned beef, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes. A big plus for all Merrick dog foods is that no ingredients in any of the company’s dog food formulas come from China. All ingredients all locally sourced, so you can be sure that this dog food is of the highest quality.

Merrick’s Grain Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food

As one of the top rated dog food products Merrick offers, the Grain Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food is surely one that your pet will love. This 4.9 star rated food is full of premium ingredients. The first five ingredients in this dog food formula are deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes and potatoes. Other ingredients that make this food stick out are peas, apples, blueberries, flaxseed oil and salmon oil.


Since this dog food formula is comprised of 70 percent meal and fish ingredients, your dog will easily build and maintain lean, healthy muscles and develop healthy skin and fur. Since this dog food is grain-free, the other 30 percent of the ingredients are all fresh produce ingredients. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are also a great source of carbohydrates that are also easy for your pet to digest, so you can be sure that this food will leave your dog energized.

Merrick’s Grain Free Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food

Like the other dog food formulas that Merrick offers, the Grain Free Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food is highly rated by those who feed it to their beloved dogs. Again, this dog food has simple and natural ingredients, which start with five amazing ingredients. These five ingredients are deboned buffalo, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, turkey meal and salmon meal.


Just like the other foods listed, this dog food formula is 70 percent meat ingredients and 30 percent fresh produce products. This specific formula, however, yields 38 percent protein in every serving. This dog food also yields 17 percent crude fat and 3.5 percent crude fiber per serving. Due to the fish oil products in this food, it is also great for healthy skin and fur. It can also help dogs who have skin allergies or sensitivities.

While not specifically a puppy formula, this food is also safe to serve to your young canines, but you will need to adjust the servings.

Merrick Puppy Food Reviews

Merrick’s Grain Free Puppy Recipe Dog Food

Merrick’s most popular puppy food formula is the Grain Free Puppy Recipe Dog Food. This dog food contains 55 percent poultry and fish proteins and healthy fat ingredients and 45 percent fresh produce, vitamins and minerals. This formula is made to support your puppy’s overall healthy, including building muscle and a healthy metabolism.


The top five ingredients in this puppy food formula are deboned chicken, chicken meal, potatoes, peas and sweet potatoes. Other key ingredients are apples, blueberries, yeast culture, flaxseed oil and salmon oil. This high quality dog food has been given a 4.9 star rating, because puppies love it and it is good for them. Owners also love that this dog food doesn’t smell bad.

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Puppy Recipe Dog Food

Another great puppy food option from Merrick is the Backcountry Raw Infused Puppy Recipe Dog Food. This dog food formula is similar to the last one, but there are important differences. First, the top five ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, potatoes and peas, which means that there are different proportions of the ingredients, even though they are the same items.


Also, this food is meant to mimic an ancestral diet with whole pieces of raw, freeze-dried meats. Just like the other puppy food, this food contains no grain. With a 4.6 star rating, this puppy food isn’t ranked as well as the other, but it still contains high-quality ingredients. This food actually contains more protein than the other with 30 percent of the food being crude protein, while the Grain Free Puppy Recipe Dog Food is only 28 percent crude protein.

Merrick Senior Dog Food Reviews

Merrick Classic Senior Recipe Dog Food

Senior dogs require different care, which is why Merrick Class Senior Recipe Dog Food is very different from its other products. This dog food recipe is made up of 60 percent poultry and fish proteins, 20 percent fresh produce and 20 percent whole grains. Each bowl of this dog food yields 30 percent protein per serving to keep your dog energized. Each serving also yields 11 percent crude fat, so you can be sure that your aging dog is getting all the healthy fats it needs.


The main ingredients in this dog food formula are chicken, brown rice and green peas, along with chicken and turkey meal. The added DHA will help your dog grow old with strength. Other key ingredients include barley, sweet potatoes, salmon meal, carrots and a number of different vitamin supplements that will give your dog all the nutrition it needs. The glucosamine and chondroitin in this food will help maintain joint health as your dog continues to age.

Just like the other Merrick dog foods, only the highest-quality ingredients go into this food. No ingredients come from China in an effort to keep your pet safe. The food is cooked in the United States using ingredients that meet FDA guidelines.


Finding the perfect food for your dog is never easy, but with Merrick, you can rest assured that regardless of the recipe your dog will get wholesome nutrition. Each formula will offer something different, so do a little research and consult your vet if you have any questions about what product would be the best fit for your furry friend.

Dog food doesn’t have to be expensive to be healthy. Merrick dog food offers a great balance of health with affordability, but it doesn’t just stop there. With coupons, you can save big and keep your dog feeling its very best. Stay up to date with the best Merrick dog foods, product recalls and coupons.


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