Orijen Dog Food Coupons and Reviews 2017

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Pet owners are now more aware than ever about what they should be feeding their dogs and what they should not. This means that they are taking a closer look at the labels on commercial dog food and finding that they simply do not pass muster. In such instances, pet owners tend to look to higher quality brands. In particular, Orijen dog food is one of the most approved dog food brands among pet owners.

Of course, this spectacular quality does not come cheap; there is a hefty price tag attached to this kibble. If you are insistent about giving your pup the best chow that money can buy, then you are probably going to want to continue with this brand.

Orijen Dog Food Coupons for 2017

The good news is that we have found a few different coupons for you to choose between to help lessen the cost. We would suggest going with the 20% off coupon from Chewy as it will provide the most savings. There is also a $5 off coupon, but you will need to spend over $45 to be eligible.

We know how expensive dog food can get and we have done our best to find all of the available Orijen dog food coupons scattered across the net. at this point, we currently have found a total of 2 coupons, but make sure to bookmark this page and come back before your next purchase to check for new coupons.

Coupon Details

This deal is good for 20% off your first order when you sign up for Chewy.com’s autoship program.

Update: All orders above $49 will receive FREE SHIPPING (no coupon needed)


As of 2016, there has not been a single Orijen dog food recall. There have also not been any complaints made regarding the ingredients being used in this brand of kibble. Overall, the brand has been adhering to the guidelines and standards set by dog food authorities.

The only thing of note, however, is that the manufacturing plant of Orijen will be changing. Champion Pet Food, owner of the Orijen brand, has created a new plant in Kentucky, USA. The only difference that this makes is that the customers in the US will no longer have access to the food produced in Canada. The ingredient list and their assured freshness, however, will not be changed in any way at all.

Orijen Dog Food Review

Orijen dog food belongs to the parent company Champion Pet Food. This kibble brand is situated in Alberta, Canada. The business was launched in 1975 and has been operating ever since. Over the last forty one years, Orijen has gained a reputation as one of the most reputable dog food brands.

It has won over a dozen awards, including Best Pet Food of the Decade from by the Rate It All consumer website. In fact, Orijen has notably won more awards than any other dog food brand in the world. The Orijen dog food reviews have also been glowing across the board.

orijen adult dog food

The basis for Orijen kibble is simple: the brand is all about ensuring that your canine eats a diet as similar as possible to his or her ancestor. Orijen has termed this as “Biologically Appropriate” nutrition. This means creating food that is as protein rich as the foods that your dog would have once eaten.

Orijen also believes in providing the same variety that your canine’s ancestors would have had in the wild all those years ago. This is why their kibble features Angus beef, Boer goat, Yorkshire Pork, grass-fed mutton, grass-fed lamb, and American bison as red meats. Their poultry consists of free run Muscovy duck, Cobb chicken, quail, turkey, and nest-laid eggs. All of their fish are either wild caught or sustainably caught. These include Acadian Redfish, Alaskan Cod, Atlantic mackerel, Blue Catfish, monkfish, and Yellowtail flounder.

While attempting to remain true to your dog’s ancestors’ diets, Orijen dog food ingredients ensure that between 75 and 85 percent of their kibble contains some type of meat. This has resulted in the dog food containing about 38 to 42 percent of protein. This high percentage of protein is what most dog owners are typically aiming for when purchasing kibble. The impressive amount of protein has been achieved by targeting the protein-rich parts of the animals including muscle meat, cartilage and edible bones, and certain organs.

In order to ensure that your canine has a balanced diet, Orijen has also included a handful of fruits and vegetables in their kibble. These include apples, pears, blueberries, cranberries, carrots, spinach, and butternut squash. These ingredients, too, are locally sourced. Orijen also states that their dog food contains only a few healthy carbohydrates that are low on the Glycemic Index.


Another aspect that Orijen prides itself on is making sure that its ingredients are as fresh as possible. This means locally sourcing the ingredients found in their kibble. The company states that they keep their ingredients fresh by using a variety of methods. The fresh ingredients are never frozen, only refrigerated, and there are no preservatives added. The raw meat is flash frozen to ensure that all of the nutrients remain trapped within the meat. Some of the ingredients are also dried, but without using any chemical preservatives.

The other guarantee that Orijen provides is that they do not outsource any of the processes involved in making their kibble. They use ingredients that can be sourced from their nearby farms and are created in their very own kitchens. These kitchens adhere to the standards that have been set by the FDA, USDA, Canadian government, and the EU.

For the most part, there can be very few negative comments directed towards Orijen, if any. The only point of contention that pet owners have with the kibble is the high prices that they have to pay. Others still contend that their pup does not need quite so much protein in their diet. Apart from the price, however, there can be no fault found with dog food company. This is especially since Orijen creates food for your beloved pup that is fresh and good enough for human consumption. This is a tall order that Orijen stands by.

Puppy Food Review

Most owners prefer to feed their dogs the same food throughout their lifetime. In most cases, however, puppy food has to differ slightly to the older dog food. This is why Orijen puppy food reviews are important. It has been determined that the adult food is quite good for your pooch, but what about their puppy kibble?

The more widely used Orijen puppy kibble is the one labelled ‘Puppy’ food. This is suitable for most breeds and sizes. There is another that has been specifically created for large puppy breeds. Depending on your dog’s dietary needs, this may be more appropriate.

orijen puppy food

For all intents and purposes, Orijen puppy food does deliver. First, most puppies need a slightly higher protein content than their adult counterparts. This is because they are growing and developing at an accelerated rate. Ideally, there should be an increase in fat content as well, to accommodate any additional needs. In this case, Orijen ensures that the puppy food has at least 38 percent protein in their kibble. There is also at least 16 percent fat present in the puppy chow. In addition to being grain free, this puppy food also has probiotics to help with the puppy’s digestive system. There is also a variety of ingredients such as chicory root, licorice, fenugreek, angelica root, chamomile, and peppermint added to help your puppies digest their food better. All of these additional plants and herbs are ones that your pup would come across naturally, were they to go foraging in woods or forests. It allows for a natural way to strengthen your puppy’s immune system.

Senior Food Review

Towards the later years of life, your dog’s dietary needs will change once more. This is why it is a good idea to read Orijen senior dog food reviews to see if it lives up to expectations. You may have noticed that the older your dog gets, the more weight they tend to gain. This is usually due to the fact that your senior pooch is just not getting as much exercise as he or she used to. This means that your dog needs fewer calories than a puppy or a younger adult dog.

senior orijen dog food

Orijen has understood these needs and created a kibble for your senior hound accordingly. This has been done by ensuring that the overall dog food has fewer calories than most other kibble. However, the content of protein has remained the same as in the adult dog food. Each bag of Orijen senior dog food still contains at least 38 percent protein. What this kibble has cut down on, however, is fat. The fat percentage is about 15 percent in the senior kibble. In addition, there have been certain minerals added to this dog food. These are known as chelated minerals and are attached to the proteins. This makes it easier for the proteins to be absorbed by your elderly canine. This is particularly helpful as most older dogs are not able to absorb as much of the nutrients as before. Thus, Orijen dog food meets all of the needs of a senior hound.

Where to Purchase

If you are impressed by the ingredients and the quality used to create Orijen, then you are probably thinking of purchasing some for your dog. If you are wondering where to buy Orijen dog food, you will be happy to know that it is widely available across North America in specialty pet stores. However, it can also be found at a variety of other online pet food providers. We would suggest going through Chewy.com as there is currently a 20% off plus free shipping coupon available.

Also, you can purchase it on Amazon. Once you have gone through all of this compiled information, you can decide for yourself whether or not Orijen is the best food for your dog. If you are unsure about your pup’s specific dietary needs, make sure to ask a vet for help in determining their calorie and nutritional requirements.


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