Taste of the Wild Coupons for 2018

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Taste of the Wild is a dog food brand that tries to ensure that your dog gets only natural ingredients, and their food is made of all gluten free products and steamed in purified water to keep the end product as pure and natural as possible.  If you have a dog that loves to eat, it’s helpful to have Taste of the Wild dog food coupons to keep the food bill low.

There are both dry and wet food options with Taste of the Wild.  All are high quality and grain free, and some reviewers even state that their dogs have overcome numerous health problems since switching.   If this is true, Taste of the Wild coupons not only help you save money on dog food, but consequently also help you save money on veterinary bills.

Featured Coupons for Taste of the Wild

Coupon Details

This deal is good for 20% off your first order when you sign up for Chewy.com’s autoship program.

Update: All orders above $49 will receive FREE SHIPPING (no coupon needed)

Other Coupons

Below are the other Taste of the Wild coupons that we were able to find. We are always looking for new deals and will update the page as often as possible. These are not as good of coupons as the 20% coupon above, but nonetheless still coupons that might be ale to save you a few dollars.

 Tractor Supply Deal

We have always had luck finding Taste of the Wild Dog Food at a decent price at Tractor Supply. Find the closest Tractor Supply to you here.

If that doesn’t work you can get 20% off your first order by using this coupon here

Have you found a better deal? If so please let us know in the comments.


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  1. Stephen Seelig on

    I have an old English Bulldog and she was never interested in dry food until I picked up a bag of Tast of the Wild Buffalo. Now when she gets excited she has to stop at he bowl and take a bite before investagating any noise or seeing who is ate the door, like getting that energy boost before going into action.

  2. Connie Poston on

    We Really want to try this new food. I have a Chocolate Lab, we have been feeding Eukanuba for years . Thank you.

  3. My dog died from the food he was eating. my best friend told me about Taste of the Wild when we got our Plot Hound, we want only the best for him. Our Vet said Taste Of The Wild was top of the line, so that’s what I will buy. Shadow loves it, but the Salmon one gives him the worst smelling gas lol.

  4. Giovanni Rivera on

    At the current time im feeding my 10 week pitbull pups Simply Nourishing, but a pitbull breeder friend of mine told me to feed my pitbulls Taste of the Wild, so i Googled it & apparently Taste of the Wild is better. So im asking for Coupons to get my pups a bag when im finished with the current pup food. It would be great if i could get a bag for them to try out. Any coupons or free trials or samples would be great. Thank you

  5. Lexi trevino on

    Hello my name is Lexi Trevino I have 5 dog 4 Siberian huskies and 1 grate Dane my dogs love fast if the wild I was just wondering if you could send me some coupons

  6. Need coupons for in store . I buy a lot ofbags a month. On line coupons
    Don’t helhis foosp me. I breed and show German Shepards. I recommend the buyers to feed

  7. Margie Stevenson on

    would like to try your product and was wondering if you give out coupons for people to try? My dog is very picky and im running out of options. thank you.

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